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START DATE: 12 Oct 2017 - END DATE: 14 Oct 2017 - LOCATION: Sandringham

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Neal Smith is an Ayrshire and Jersey breeder from Smyrna, Tennessee, USA. Neal and his wife Lisa along with his brother Mike own and operate Smith Bros Dairy. The operation is made up of about 35 elite milking cows and 25 heifers of both breeds. The milking cows are housed at a commercial operation where they are cared for as part of a 150 cow herd at the LaLu Farms in Sparta, Tennessee which all the calf and heifer raising operation takes place at the home dairy. Neal and Lisa have three adult children and six grandchildren all of whom take part in some aspect of the operation. Showing has been a big part of the Smith Bros Dairy over the last three decades. During that time the operation has seen over 25 All-Americans and Reserve All-Americans as well as many other nominations in both breeds. Notables among that group are Smith Bros L.D.M. Sierra (three time All- American and never defeated in her age category) amongst the Ayrshires and Pensmith TJ Mindy that was Grand Champion female at the All-American Jersey Show in 1993. Besides working on the farm Neal has been an employee of the Schneider Electric Company for the past 36 years. Besides the cows Neal enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities including being an avid fisherman.

Neal has judged at all levels of competition. (Local, state, regional, national and international levels) He has judged regional shows and State Fairs in 13 different states in the US. On a national level he has judged the only National Junior Ayrshire show in the US twice in 2008 and 2013. He was also privileged enough to be able to judge the most prestigious Futurity class in the world, The Jersey Jug Futurity in 2009. On an international level Neal judged a National junior show in Finland in 2013 and although he didn’t judge he attended International Dairy Week in 2015 representing US Ayrshire and USLGA.